A Letter To Mom

Mom in her seventies has been bedridden, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Since around 2015, maybe. I can’t remember because I “abandoned” my parents in 2012 for my own life, and my relationships with my parents were less than good to communicate well. In 2018, I ended up leaving everything behind to move into their […]


…Which made me say to myself – “Another hype?” WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW: NOW WATCH THIS VIDEO BELOW: Earn Daily Passive Income FOR LIFE! See Daily Returns Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) Join our 635,000+ ONPASSIVE Global Family! BECOME A FOUNDER NOW Webinar Information >>> where you can find Presentation/Q&A/Webinar on ONPASSIVE every day somewhere on the globe in […]

Rise Above What’s Visible

The only reason I went online in 2019 was making a living without being a people-pleaser,by being myself. Must be a good experiment to explore “Know Thyself”to get connected with everything.I thought. I’d already done everything conceivable to feed myself according to society’s rules and conventions, just to end up with a plethora of dis-eases, threatened […]

Imagination Stretched.

Imagination can look like anything flowing…and we’re stretching it every day. But in reality, it wants to evolve itself. Do we allow it to do so? Here’s an answer to my stretched imagination and hopefully yours. Coutesy of a wonderful leader, Marina Favit, from the leadership counsil of #ONPASSIVE Find More Details Here


I used to hate math and numbers. Looking at my ledger was not my favorite at all. I knew all stemed from my distorted concepts about money. Once they’re gone, math and numbers come into focus in a new perspective. Now I get that making money out of love is a reality for me,making money […]

You’re Invited!

“ONPASSIVE looks intriguing…” if you have question/s already, this is for you. Join Usat Red and Marty’s Company Q& A with ONPASSIVE LeadersFRIDAY, MARCH 26, 2021 AT 4 PM EDT Did you get the invitation? If not, here’s password:- 287207 Looking forward to seeing you!


It’s not sympathy nor empathy. But compassion. I want to trust, believe and manifest. Not the other way around. I want to put my inner-self in order and purify it to give off a fragrance of compassion. Each one of us keeps nuturing a world of their own that gives off the fregrance in love […]

Correction to Corruption?

Let’s see… I even wouldn’t see it winning/losing anymore. We just are as we naturally are 🙂 If this resonates with you, you’ve got to see the more everyday, practical side of the whole thing here. How will ONPASSIVE put this ideal into reality?

Boldly Bless Everything!

…And I believe he doesn’t have to be homeless! We can change one by one…starting with ourselves within My Onpassive experience reminds me that everything IS connected… and that we can always make a difference about anything… We’re SOOO O-BLESSED by someone like him! Let it flooooow! Boldly bless everything Did you know you can […]


I’m already benefiting from this, by being around in the global founders’ community just for a month! And the soft-launch is imminent. If you’re interested in something more than what words can describe, here’s what you don’t want to miss out on!