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I’m surprised why I didn’t give it a thought to write about this until now.

I started learning violin online at the age of 43-ish, and after years of hiatus, I picked up the instrument again, BECAUSE I REMEMBERED HER, Lora – Guide of Red Desert Violin!

I would’ve never done anything online without Lora. And for me, she is more than a violin teacher. More of a mentor of life. Looking back, that was my starting point. I’ve never taken any other violin lessons online nor offline.

When I was grumbling, saying that I couldn’t keep up with the lessons because I felt too exhausted from my day job, torn apart between “I want to practice” and the following big “BUT,” she lightly suggested becoming an online affiliate.

But I sweated the small stuff so much that I didn’t listen to her; I even didn’t google the term “affiliate.” – And I can’t believe I am an affiliate marketer now.

I guess I was a real pain in the neck for her because I had weird preferences for relaxation in my violin posture and chin rest. Also, with too much perfectionism to be tamed at that time. I couldn’t tolerate my off-pitches that were rampant.

I’m sure I gave her a hard time about progressing through any materials! But she never showed frustration about it and let me decide what to do with her guidance.

And here’s the biggie – She’s taught me how to be my own detective, teacher, and coach, which still impacts me.

Listening, Intuition, and Awareness.

Music (especially violin) for me was like a can of worms filled with the past. But after a series of purging and shifts in awareness, just by OPENING IT (I mean, the can of worms…), the reward has been so, so, so liberating.

If you love listening to music, but something holds you back from actually DOING it for various reasons that life throws at you, I truly recommend giving it another try. Let Red Desert Violin be your guide.

You can start benefiting from just subscribing to its Email goodies FREE. It transformed how I view what real practice means to me (especially, “Practice Tips” obviously! I would’ve never learned all the tips by learning violin offline…it was done because I was relaxed not only in the comfort of my room but also Lora’s energy!). Well, after all, it permeated through my entire life.

I’m pleasantly amazed by how passionate she’s been about teaching what she loves and spreading such a powerful message that ANYONE can learn to play the violin or fiddle for all those years.

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