Welcoming the Earth-Shuttering Launch

Last night just before falling asleep in bed, an earthquake hit Japan; quite big, the emergency alarm on my phone went off.

That sound brought me back once again, to a plethora of memories of 2011.3.11.

Earthquake, nuke meltdown, and subsequent events including Mom’s Alzheimers and Parkinson…everything just within seconds.

Glad I became conscious of these memories now, rather than knee-jerk-reacting to them, giving in to the negativity around those memories, which was one of my patterns.

But, this time, in bed with the earthquake, I let it go one by one. It’s DONE for good.

The earth turned over to welcome the new environment.

happy little boy crawling on sheet

What a clearing process…(I should do this more often like a baby!)

As I became clear in consciousness, O-Cademy‘s launch came to my mind with a smile back on my face. (if you’re a teacher or coach, you’ll love it!)

I missed the mega historic founders’ webinar live (just couldn’t get in Zoom, it maxed up!), but I am watching the recording.

Not to catch up since it’s only day 6 since I joined, but instead, receive another confirmation that all is good.

(The “patience reminder” in the community is also perfectly fit my current situation lol)

The founders’ excitement is so infectious that no negative virus – physically or non-physically – could get in the way.

I’m delighted to be a part of it.

Connecting the dots of this massive project, for lack of the better words, raises the level of my delight every day.

If you’re curious about what this impacts, not only your life and family, but community and humanity as well, take a look at the page here, and join us, the global family with huge hearts.

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