Too Hype?

100% Automated and 100% Done For You. Where does this phrase land in you?

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Since I started my online journey, I’ve never fallen for a scam. Every program/course I bought served me magnificently to get me out of the comfort zone and move on to the next step; including learning how to promote anything and making the first high ticket commission, which was a good plan. So far so good! Right?

And the beauty of the Internet marketing is, as you may imagine, automation. I began trying out many things to automate my work. My sole interest became that one thing.

However, I admit that 100% automated and Done-For-You services/products…I’ve never seen them before. Even though I purchased some that claimed so, deep down, I always gave them the benefit of the doubt – There’s no such a thing!

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The point is that I have to calibrate to my next step vibe BEFORE everything is lined up externally, i.e., manifests. My work has been 100% internal, sort of detox from within. Listening to a still small voice and then, when inspired, taking immediate action.

Having said that…honestly, I don’t like hype. I assume you don’t either. But the subject line sounds like just that, doesn’t it?

As an online marketer, sometimes, I feel tired of seeing similar lines in my inbox every day and I do the same, too. And go back to say to myself…

“100% automated and 100% done for you – does it really exist?”

I know, from my experience, that skepticism doesn’t work and I need to discern well here.

Let’s watch the video by Mike Ellis below to get some perspective about the company I recently stumbled upon and chose to be a part of it.

For the company and its CEO, you can check out by clicking the button below.

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