Quality of Life

It was when my father was diagnosed with cancer that I started giving conscious attention to the expression – quality of life, detached from what’s advertised in society, especially in the medical industry. Before that, I didn’t even care at the lowest of my life, seeing everything from a place of desperation, opposite of how my inner being sees my life.

Seriously, why we live in this body, was the overarching theme of my life.

The ultimate answer to my question came to me as accepting death as it is – a continuation of life to be celebrated. From then on, I’ve regained so much life.

Freedom = Basis of life.

After all, nothing is good nor bad; in this perspective, I’ve found the ultimate freedom.

beautiful sky

With that said, every perspective deserves respect, because it’s where a person chooses to be at this moment, although often it doesn’t seem a deliberate choice.

So no judgment for me, you and others, because, back then, we didn’t know what we do know now.

We all have experiences where we were too unaware to notice what’s obvious in life. Too active as a participant in life so that we forget our role as an observer.

Born to Die?

We were born to die. In a sense, yes, isn’t it?

We always have two kinds of choices in us. We contour the quality of life by choosing the perspective at the moment.

Preparing for death is an equally important perspective as preparing for birth.

Even though we begin dying from Day 1 on this plane, no one seems to teach anything about it, rather avoiding it at all cost. The best teacher ever is life itself.

Collectively speaking, are we living in a half-completed view of life? At least to me at the moment, dying doesn’t seem to be as bad as accepted in society by large.

4 main stages of Dying Process.

I stumbled upon this beautiful presentation by Richard Rudd, author of the Gene Keys, that gives me a clearer reference point about preparing for dying, not only physically, but also in terms of internal deaths – transitions – that many of us may be experiencing within a single lifetime.

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