Great Economic Secret

It’s a secret and not secret.

I received a newsletter of the Current World Theme (February 24th – March 1st, 2021) from the Gene Keys Team.

I thought it would be beneficial to remind us of it once more…

Gene Key 37
Weakness – Equality – Tenderness

‘Through the 37th Gift you will discover a great economic secret – the more you give, the more you receive. Many people have misinterpreted this truth down the ages and have wondered why it does not appear to be true. Giving cannot be faked. You can give from your mind and you can give from your heart. Giving from your mind is always conditional, no matter how subtle, because it always has a secret expectation or hope attached to it. True giving is an act of insanity when viewed from the mind!

The giving that comes from being in your heart leads to equality because it is based upon equality.’

Excerpt from The Gene Keys

(bold emphasized by the webmaster)

How refreshing is it to know that it takes an act of insanity for the mind to follow the heart’s direction, which is unconditional, in a world full of conditions!

If you want to know about “some insanity” to shake your mind and revive your heart’s direction in a practical way, go watch the videos here.

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