Tinnitus is Back, Anew.

A couple of weeks have passed since I stopped morning “traditional” meditation to be more aware of the present moment under usual activities, i.e., unconditionally.

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I did meditate this morning and the tinnitus was back with a feeling unfamiliar to me. It was good.

Old relationship with Tinnutus.

I was well aware of my tinnitus – a high-pitched, metallic sound in my ears since my childhood.

Growing up, it became a periodic signal that I rarely paid attention to, in order to, well, survive in society.

Finally, it was completely gone when I got “actively” ill (my full attention to that negativity without knowing what to do about it) – from the late twenties to the last years of my thirties.

When I started meditating regularly about a decade ago, the tinnitus was back with various timbres. But I would rather focus on my breath while meditating.


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The difference in tonality/timbre of the tinnitus between the previous one and the recent one is consistency.

While I used to hear random, less focused sounds in my ears just during meditation in the past, now the sound is more concentrated, high-pitched that resonates with my whole body, sticking with me while I’m awake.

It’s so soothing that I bring my attention to it whenever I find myself less centered, pulled away from whatever the tinnitus brings to me.

Tinnitus According to Abraham

To be honest, I had no apparent reason to stop meditating but a gentle nudge from within, and here I am, found a perfect clip of Abraham Hicks about tinnitus for me, and hopefully, for you.

It’s really empowering to learn and relearn what awareness without resistance can bring.

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