Converging the ego’s voice and the still small voice guiding me
even before my birth in this physical body through my mother’s womb.

Practice giving up the struggle
Practice giving up the upstreaming thought
one by one
Practice surrendering
Practice giving in to the unknown/unfamiliar
See what happens next

brown train rail between green trees under blue sky

A) My father pushing my buttons: 

  • his yelling, 
  • TV on all the time, 
  • his cursing me and me assuming that he does the same thing to my mother (not the fact, just me conjuring up something that I don’t want to perpetuate) 
  • I guess that’s all. That’s it. So what?

B) Opposing thoughts: 

  • loving him no matter what
  • understanding that he has his own stories to release
  • understanding that he has his inner being guiding him
  • trusting the process of life in all of us

We all have the ability to choose B) over A) to get perspective in a split second. It may not feel like a thunderbolt but definitely makes a world of difference between the before and after – creating your life by design, not by default.

Change from within and be blessed even more.

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