The Surrender Experiment

I’m reading “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael A. Singer again with a new awareness.

When I decided to go with the flow of life, i.e., “letting go of the oars,” according to Abraham Hicks, after the earthquake 10 years ago in Japan, many things have happened ever since and keep redefining my life and myself.

I thought that the disruption I felt at the heels of the disaster was “the” transformation,” but I was wrong.

What I learned is simple and nothing to be learned anymore, but practicing what I learned is a whole nother story. It’s a never-ending process of life.

Unintended Hermit

I thought, and I still believe, that who we truly are is already enough with no need to prove our existence, as opposed to the competition-based belief system that I was living in, by trying to fit into the mold that others set up for me.

On the other hand, every time I come across the expression “give value,” I still find myself stuck in thinking about what my value is for others and what helping others may look like in the physical world, ending up with overthinking and staying as a hermit. What am I afraid of?

Again, Trust.

In The Surrender Experiment, one paragraph caught my attention;

“…Things like that just kept happening. I became deeply committed to serving the unfolding of that force. In fact, if you had asked me toward the end of 1978, I would have told you that I had surrendered my entire life to the Universal Flow, and it had taken over every moment. It taught me how to keep regular spiritual practices while working in the world and how to support others to do the same. It taught me how to build and run a successful business that would support the ever-expanding spiritual work. “

The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer; Emphasis mine)

I don’t mean to argue about the division between the material and spiritual anymore; it’s a time for integration for me. Get out of the comfort zone.

And this paragraph confirms that for me and also teaches one consistent thread – trust. Whatever you do or do not.

  • Trust the process of life,
  • Let go of whatever contradicts it,
  • Watch what happens.

That’s pretty much it—nothing less, nothing more.

And when I decided to get out of the comfort zone a month ago, a Unicorn appeared. It reminded me of the fact that abundance is everywhere – and now is the time to put my belief into practice. It’s been already quite a ride!

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