Rise Above What’s Visible

The only reason I went online in 2019 was
making a living without being a people-pleaser,
by being myself.

Must be a good experiment to explore “Know Thyself”
to get connected with everything.
I thought.

I’d already done everything conceivable to feed myself 
according to society’s rules and conventions,
just to end up with a plethora of dis-eases, threatened by which, at gunpoint.

Transition from One Platform to Another

Year 1 of my online experience offered me the opportunity to open up and break free from my old molds with a community of like-minded people.

But just before Corvit hit the world, I didn’t hesitate to leave it when I was led in another direction with more focus on making a living the next year, thanks to the year 1 progress in opening up and being honest with myself no matter what.

I thought that the only thing I needed to “survive online” (hey, it was already getting heavy – in the opposite direction of my soul’s calling), was to learn how to promote, online marketing.


I spent a lot of time, money, and energy on it and got the results as an online marketer.

Before long, I faced with another challenge – the obvious one – that it was not sustainable.

Why not sustainable?

Because, I realized (again) that I was cut out for neither sales nor recruiting, or even marketing. If you don’t make a sale, you cannot make money. Period.

Plus, even though I love creating content, I needed a lot of tools to automate my workload. Otherwise, I’d be a slave to the “trading time for money myth” again.

Necessary Evil?

I had to subscribe to many, I mean, MANY, tools,
resulting in monthly autoship accumulated,
before the earnings catch up with it.

Am I the only one who suffer from another form of trading time for money?

How could I possibly promote something
that required all that burdened me so much 
to people who wanted to build an online business for the first time in their lives?

I thought I had to tell a lie, both to myself and others because it’s a job.

My Value Compromised

…Wait, a job? I didn’t want another job! But it felt like a job already.

It dawned on me that I compromised my priority in the early phase online.

  • Being the authentic self.

I gave up on my authenticity by lying because it’s accepted as “normal practice” in the industry. That’s given, right? If you want to survive online, you have no choice.

No choice but doing what you feel “slightly off” to survive, accepting it as a necessary evil.

Back to the Ideal

No, I’ve seen that enough both online and offline.

I had to go back to my ideal world where everyone – at least those who feel like me – lives their ideal.

I knew that the ultimate key to live my authentic life is
to have time and financial freedom, and that the Internet holds the key.

But I had no idea on HOW to automate everything.

So I put it aside for a while.

Practicing the Ignorance

It was not so easy at first to maintain the “ignorance” while feeling the compromise and complacency rearing their ugly heads again and again.

That’s the constant fine-tuning inner work, before taking any action, as I used to do in the past.

But the answer came to me much earlier than I expected, when I expected the least – during my “marketing effort” without feeling like an effort.

ONPASSIVE is the Name of the Answer

You’ll never imagine how intriguing it can be – to live an “everything-is-working-out-for-me” kind of life in a culture of “shoganai” – a direct opposition of what I want with my life.

Shoganai is an important word in Japanese. It can be translated “it can’t be helped.” It’s often used to describe Japanese culture, thinking and values. Shoganai is essentially a philosophy. It says that if something is out of your control it’s better to quickly accept it and move on.

exerpt from https://www.japan-talk.com/jt/new/shoganai

I understand not only “it can’t be helped” but also “it’s too good to be true” is accepted even worldwide.

And I learned the hard way that it literally kills what life has to offer.
So I keep practicing expanding my belief system to catch up with my ideal
because it works.

Ready to expand your belief system to match your calling
regardless where you are in your life?

Check this out!

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