A Letter To Mom

Mom in her seventies has been bedridden, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Since around 2015, maybe. I can’t remember because I “abandoned” my parents in 2012 for my own life, and my relationships with my parents were less than good to communicate well.

In 2018, I ended up leaving everything behind to move into their vicinity, because I wanted to, without any plan.

Good morning, Mom!

This morning, I received a download to start writing to you.

You might laugh at me, rolling your eyes, but as you already learned a lot about me through the last year of us spending together under one roof. And at that time, you even went on to read a book called “Indigo Children” translated in Japanese and do some “Healing Codes” together that I used to work with on the heels of the 2011 earthquake.

Failed Parenting?

I know you were eager to learn more about all of it, not only because you felt guilty about your “failed” parenting, which I clearly disagree with and I couldn’t appreciate you enough. But, back then, I was not able to articulate my appreciation for you, loaded with my old stories that blurred my vision. There’s no such a thing as failed parenting.

Vibrational Talk

This morning’s download was, I believe, about the readiness of both you and me. We are now able to talk vibrationally without any old stories that don’t serve us anymore, right? We don’t have to use any words.

Freedom and Responsibility

I’ve gone through a series of shifts over the years that help me clarify what I want to create in this lifetime. Without the shifts, I would have no idea how much I cherish freedom in the purest form. 

The shifts have been mostly internal, but when I saw the world getting into the COVID-19 era, I couldn’t help but say to myself, “I manifested it” in a very neutral tone. The new era brought me another form of freedom out of nowhere to my physical eyes, but nothing happens without its vibrational foundations.

No, Mom, I didn’t pray that all the suffering would take place, but it’s not my point. What I focus on is being responsible to hone in on the accuracy of my vibration that I project to the world.

It Doesn’t Have to Be

Also, while accepting that many are suffering because of the virus, it doesn’t have to be. We all have the ability to do something about anything BEFORE it manifests in physical reality.

Mom, can you see why I kept saying to you that enduring the struggle was not the solution?

What we resist, persists.

I guess you made the right choice by letting go of the struggle, even though you got all the medical labels and conditions as a result. You already have your own understanding of all of them.

Thank you for opening up yourself and allowing your Inner Being to take care of you. In addition to that, you’ve got what you wanted for a long time – a lot of attention from your husband, Dad.

I’m not being sarcastic. Just it all makes sense now. Are we ready to embrace what society calls “death?” That’s why we choose to enjoy every moment to celebrate life together.

That’s all about unlearning, isn’t it? You’ve gone far ahead of me. I’m unlearning by following you…no, I can’t stop following my Inner Being. I’m playing my part. You’re playing yours.

Much love to you, Mom with Dad.

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