Line up with your decision. From a tiny one to a life-changing one.

Both are the same, though, because it’s all about perception.

For example, I say,

“My current everyday decisions would be life-changing 10 years ago.” And the perception can change within a second, and it doesn’t have to take 10 years.

That shows in turn how much we are prone to observing and regurgitating what is, without the intention of creating our own reality.

Theoretically, we can transform our lives in the blink of an eye. Some of my experiences, like depression, changed just like that, after years of suffering.

With the right knowledge coupled with the innate knowing, transformation is instant. However, the world is full of people who have been yearning for change for years, or even haven’t realized how many options are at their disposal.


When you practice it deliberately, deciding anything quickly from your authenticity – evolving, and line up with it, the transformation would be rapid. Not cheap, quick-fix change, but rapid genuine transformation.

For example, what holds you back is your own perception only – how you perceive as “normal” and it stops you from getting out of your comfort zone, because you get used to it as “normal.”

Humans love homeostasis.

Feeling good is good. Chilling out is good. Relaxing is good. But too much of it gives you counter-transformative effects – such as boredom, complacency, and stagnation in life.

Finding the sweet spot between chilling out and exhilaration is the key to enjoying the unfolding of life.

Sounds too simple? It IS simple, but not easy to …

Hold on! I was going to say “but not easy to implement into your daily life.” That’s just an assumption from my past – an old pattern of thought that creates the same old reality.

Wow. OK. Now I’m aware of it and I’ll ask myself

“Do you like that feeling when you say “but not easy to implement into your daily life?”

– No.

“Then ditch it. Stop arguing for your limitations.”

Wow. I held that stuff that contradicts my values for so long, until now.

Nothing is “normal’’ and every thought that feels “Agh” inside is worthy of scrutiny.

True learning begins with curiosity and normalcy kills curiosity.

Let’s educate ourselves forward, not backward.

Back to the Source.

Alignment tramps everything.



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