I saw a cabbage white on the way to get Mom prepared for the nursing home.

It was just one, but the next one soon came, and another one after another.

It’s crazy!

But certainly fun.

They carry a message for me, as always.

A series of butterflies enjoying their freedom,

One pair came into focus.

Moving closer and away, closer and away,

They are dancing to the waltz.

This is an exquisite moment.

How many times have you missed such an opportunity in life?

Don’t judge yourself for what you’ve missed, though.

A life of exquisite moments is made of taking pauses like this.

And focus on it internally until you own it.

You captured the moment NOW, imagining.

Before too long, you live it out.

That’s how you create your own exquisite life by design.



(Audio – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvUKFFMO1Hw&list=PLppeJdNNk97hkXurqmhCwAKStAHw8VKjM&index=1)

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