4 Aura Types in Metaphor

Human Design Newbie Night!

I had an excellent Clubhouse room happening last night, launch day of 30-day (fun) challenge of Going Beyond Mindset.

I’m pretty new to Human Design, but since I was officially introduced to it by one of the hosts by accident (but I’m sure she sees its perfect-timing-ness now as I do!!), I can’t stop collecting data … or confirmation of what I’ve been doing/being in my journey to authenticity.

A fantastic metaphor presented last night was so clear about the 4 aura types in Human Design, that I wanted to share with you just a bit (with my OWN filter ;))

A Story

  1. Manifestor (Dragon) – initiates
  2. Generator/Manifesting Generator (River) – Responds
  3. Projector (Guide) – Guides (mainly Generators)
  4. Reflector (Moon) – Samples (the energetic whole, so reflects the “body temperature” of the totality)

It begins like this:

There’s a river, but it’s not flowing.
Instead, it’s stuck and stagnant.

There’s a dam in it that prevents the river
from flowing.

A dragon sees the river stuck and offers it help of breaking the dam
– it’s a breeze for the dragon.

“Would you like me to break the dam so that you can flow?”

From Here, There are Two Versions of the Story

Version A

(Current World)

The river says, “No, thank you;
I don’t need you, I don’t trust you.
I’ll do it on my own.”

“Alright, then, do whatever you want!”
The furious dragon flies away.

A guide,
looking at the river more stuck and stagnant with frustration,
offers the river help too.

The river, utterly annoyed, replies to the guide,
“I didn’t invite you!”

With bitterness,
the guide becomes resentful and depressed.

The Moon seeing the situation,
gets sad and disappointed over the entire world.

Version B

(When each Type lives correctly,
by living their unique design, feeling GOOD)

The river responds,
“Thank you for your offer. Yes, please!”

Then, the river starts flowing freely
and appreciates the dragon for its skillful power.
The dragon nodded,
feeling very peaceful.

Flowing freely,
the river starts feeling
“I could flow better…”

Then, a guide comes nearby,
and the river asks the guide for advice. 

The guide comes up with
a more suitable direction for the river to flow better.

The river gladly accepts the advice
and improves its flow in every way.

The Moon sees a beautiful flow of water in the river
that everyone benefits,
and reflects its beauty to the world forever.

We’re all moving toward the Version B for sure!

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