Pure Satisfaction

Here it is again.

Staying away from gluten for many years,
I ate white bread with well roasted coffee
2 days in a row.

What was different from the past is
The involvement of my sacral in the decision making process – navigation,
Which is designed to be natural for me
but has been distorted for a half century now.

What to eat according to the outer authorities doesn’t work.

Did I say it out loud?

A combination of a slice of toast
and a cup of coffee that the mind dreaded for a long time
Is very satisfying as long as I follow my sacral response

Which holds true in the moment of now.

Yes, I screwed up before with the same subject, but not now.

My sacral keeps surprising me…

(80’s Japanese music used to trigger a lot of emotions in me,
but now its music box version BGM here is absolutely nothing but background lol)

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