Hi, I’m Kay. I’m really excited you made it to this page.

Why I came to get involved in online business? – because I’ve practically done everything offline, and still eager for more.

Learning how to build an online business can be complicated and confusing unless you find the sweet spot between the right environment and an open-light mind.

After I received my first affiliate high ticket commission, I realized how real it is against all my expectations and skepticism. It allows me to “earn while learning” in real-life settings.

Luckily enough, I’ve found what works…which serves as a fantastic bridge between knowledge and application with clear-cut practicality, step-by-step, and nuts and bolts, even though you’re a total newbie for making money online (as I was). You can short-cut the years of trials and errors here.

As the founder of Authentic Digitalife, online marketer, dedicated to life experiments with unsatiated curiosity, I am promoting things/services that help me “get the job done” in becoming the best version of me/you/us.

When I was a little girl,

Inside of me, I would always have a sensation of two wheels going in the opposite directions.

It grew stronger, day by day, and tormented me.

The area that saw the most apparent form of the sensation was finances.

Now I’d call it resistance.

On the other hand, I had quite a few experiences where the two wheels converged at my very early ages.

Such as music, Japanese calligraphy, and moving my body to the rhythm.

Now I’d call it allowing.

When I “had to” suppress all of them, I got ill.

Now I see my pattern to release.

I’m transitioning to the next chapter of my life (turning 50 this year, which is…just a number in society lol), I can’t stop moving forward into uncharted territory.

The online business belongs to that category.

Simply because

I was not born to work for money.

I knew, and I know.

I surrender to all the struggle and let the two energies’ conversion carry me through my journey.

I want to share with you tools that have come into my life to support me in this online business journey and help you on similar paths (no path is the same).

Because, at the end of the day, we are all connected.

What if I kept the information I gained to myself and never shared at all, just because I have no idea how to do it, or just because I don’t feel ready?

Here’s a quote from one of my amazing mentors, that hit me hard;


Accumulation of experiences and knowledge would mean nothing unless they are shared.

Wouln’t it?

And I don’t want to rip you off.
I don’t want to rip anybody off

What I came to believe and promote for now is an idea that nothing real rips us off. And we are the real ones.

I’m here to let the idea be something perceivable in this time-space reality with so many co-operative components including you 🙂