As the founder of Authentic Digitalife, an online marketer, dedicated to life experiments with unsatiated curiosity, 

I am promoting things/services that help me “get the job done” in becoming the best version of me/you/us.

I worked mainly as a translator/editor in the corporate world, counselor certified in NLP and hypnotherapy, and many others. I couldn’t tame my curiosity, while my primary focus always ended up observing how things work in different environments and the correlation between the visible and the non-visible. I was busy not earning a salary but rather collecting data for understanding how the Universe works.

Especially interested in the human psyche, but in my pre-Internet childhood, I had no idea where to find a decent amount of information about that.

So, the library was my best friend with books about religions, psychology, music, and arts.

At the physical end of the rope in my late thirties, I surrendered to the after-effects of what’s called cancer.

I had already been a “church-hopper” and got a variety of support from those who gathered together with me in Buddism, Hinduism, Christianity, including Baptist, Pentecostal, and Judeo-Christian (celebrating Sabbath, cross-referencing Christian Bible, Torah and commentaries.) Of course, one at a time, feeling led from one to the other.

Throughout my schizophrenic life, deep inside, I had a single burning question in mind since my childhood: 

“Should I live this way for my entire life?”

In other words…

What’s the point of this mess!?

Granted, I learned a lot about life, filled with split energies – “I want this but-s.” 

Unknowingly, I put too much emphasis on physical activities to the point where I almost ignored my emotional health.

The whole thing led me to a plethora of physical dis-eases, from bulimia-anorexia, depression, chemical sensitivity to cancer before the age of forty.

Up until the full-blown manifestation of the discomfort, I would always feel that two wheels were moving in opposite directions within me. The consequences summed up in a state of utter resistance to my core values, which I’d neglected for a long time.

Once I got out of persistent sickness that had brought me to my knees, I came to my senses:

I take full responsibility for everything in my life. 

It’s all about perception. And everyone has the power to change it, no matter what circumstances are — even physical ailments.

The burning question has evolved to:

“How can I use my amusement park-like experience to live a life of authenticity, helping others to do the same?”

By proudly being selfish enough to show you how much I care for you. 

So, here I am, to point to your guiding light by assisting you in:

  • REMEMBERING who you really are
  • FINDING your value within
  • FEELING and THINKING differently to see differently
  • MOVING forward in creating your reality
  • LIVING it out

I believe everyone living his/her authentic life with adequate tools and skills, could change the world. 

In fact, it’s an on-going process happening right now as you read, one person’s seemingly tiny change at a time.