Pure Satisfaction

Here it is again. Staying away from gluten for many years,I ate white bread with well roasted coffee2 days in a row. What was different from the past isThe involvement of my sacral in the decision making process – navigation,Which is designed to be natural for me but has been distorted for a half century […]

Behind Authenticity

This is the first time in months to post as Authentic Digitalife. I had no idea how come I’ve stuck with this name that came to me 3 years ago, When I first started my first ever online business as an affiliate marketer, Without understanding anything about going online  Just having made my online debut […]

Death is

If death is another illusion (and it is),would you stop rushing through life? At the end of many suicidal attempts in my younger era – pre-personal development/human design, My realization wasthere’s nothing wrong with death. Unless I bring my consciousness back to the collective consciousness, called societies – Maya. Which is totally unnecessary. I can […]

4 Aura Types in Metaphor

Human Design Newbie Night! I had an excellent Clubhouse room happening last night, launch day of 30-day (fun) challenge of Going Beyond Mindset. I’m pretty new to Human Design, but since I was officially introduced to it by one of the hosts by accident (but I’m sure she sees its perfect-timing-ness now as I do!!), […]


Spirituality gets along with Materialism.Materialism catches up with Spiritualism. Well, semantics doesn’t matter because,Duality melts down anyway. We Are Aware of Illusions of Separation. We Are Aware of the Oneness of All. We Are Free to Choose Which To Play With.

Time (redefined)

Time is just a construct of the mind. This thought has stuck with me for a while. It’s not new; I’m living it, by redefining almost everything every day. It feels like a child. I saw lilies … in full bloom, half bloom, and in buds. I’m looking at different stages of the lily at […]


I saw a cabbage white on the way to get Mom prepared for the nursing home. It was just one, but the next one soon came, and another one after another. It’s crazy! But certainly fun. They carry a message for me, as always. A series of butterflies enjoying their freedom, One pair came into […]


とりあえず、発信。 あんまり言葉が出てこない。 英語ではfor the time beingと丸ごと覚えていたけど、いまいち(笑)。 For the momentは、for the moment of NOW以外の意味では、あんまり気持ちよくありません。 「今」から目をそらすと、なんだかなあ~という気分になってしまう。だから、 とりあえず。 出てくるまま、結果は気にしない。 結果にどきどきする時間がもったいないと思えてきました。 と思ったら、結果なんて存在しないと感じる自分を見つけてびっくり。 流されずに、流れていこう。 元完ぺき主義者の自戒かなと思ったけど、そうでもないようです。 今にフォーカス!を続けるって完ぺき主義なんですかね。 すごく楽しいです。


Line up with your decision. From a tiny one to a life-changing one. Both are the same, though, because it’s all about perception. For example, I say, “My current everyday decisions would be life-changing 10 years ago.” And the perception can change within a second, and it doesn’t have to take 10 years. That shows […]

Forward-looking thoughts.

“Everything in this world was created by forward-looking thoughts.” Forward-looking thoughts are creative.Remembering is not.Even though you remember how fun it WAS.And the “was” turns out to be what is. A happy life is being created by you feeling happy, regardless.That’s how powerful imagination is! 「この世の全ては、前向きな思考によって創られている。」 前向きな思考はクリエイティブ。思い出すことは違う。どんなに楽しい過去だとしても。 そして、気がつけば、今、目の前に広がっているのは「過去」。 幸せな人生は今、幸せだと感じることによって創られている。自分の外側で起こっていることは究極的には無関係。内側のエネルギーを目指す幸せ感に、どれだけマッチさせられるか。 環境のせいにしなくなったら、自分に優しくできたら、世界が変わる。 想像力は創造力。 Energy work service reopened/エネルギーワーク再開のご案内 […]