Leave Me Alone, Except For This.

I don't know about you, but whenever forced to behave in a certain way, or do something, I feel a certain amount of resistance.

"Leave me alone; it's none of your business!"

But how about being forced to be successful?

"Success" means different things (or not things, like me) from person to person.

What if you're forced to be successful by what's outside of you, which rings your inner vision?

Sorry, I'm way cryptic without intending to. But anyway, I bumped into something that has a vision that's close to mine.

Grounding up, growing up together, rather than following a bunch of gurus, here and there.

Talk about autonomy.

Exploding the wealth gap by leveling our playground called the Internet.

Sharing abundance with everybody involved.

Talk about freedom.

How do we develop our wealth in this new phase of the Internet?

Listen to what Mike Ellis has to say.

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Skeptical about the whole thing?

How do you make money by becoming a founder of this monumental project?