…Which made me say to myself – “Another hype?” WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW: NOW WATCH THIS VIDEO BELOW: Earn Daily Passive Income FOR LIFE! See Daily Returns Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) Join our 635,000+ ONPASSIVE Global Family! BECOME A FOUNDER NOW Webinar Information >>> where you can find Presentation/Q&A/Webinar on ONPASSIVE every day somewhere on the globe in […]

Rise Above What’s Visible

The only reason I went online in 2019 was making a living without being a people-pleaser,by being myself. Must be a good experiment to explore “Know Thyself”to get connected with everything.I thought. I’d already done everything conceivable to feed myself according to society’s rules and conventions, just to end up with a plethora of dis-eases, threatened […]


I’m already benefiting from this, by being around in the global founders’ community just for a month! And the soft-launch is imminent. If you’re interested in something more than what words can describe, here’s what you don’t want to miss out on!

Love “Forced To Be Successful”?

Actually, no! Because when forced…it doesn’t feel good, right? Unless “I choose” to be forced to be successful, like, bumping into something that has a vision that’s really close to mine, after practicing “feeling good” regardless. Life is definitely picking up the pace. Grounding up, growing up together, rather than following a bunch of gurus. […]

Welcoming the Earth-Shuttering Launch

Last night just before falling asleep in bed, an earthquake hit Japan; quite big, the emergency alarm on my phone went off. That sound brought me back once again, to a plethora of memories of 2011.3.11. Earthquake, nuke meltdown, and subsequent events including Mom’s Alzheimers and Parkinson…everything just within seconds. Glad I became conscious of […]


My journey to authenticity – has been quite an adventure. Surprise after surprise. Pleasant ones. Even while taking care of my elderly parents. No, instead, I’d say that they continuously gift me with such awareness about love. But “Why now?” – I stopped trying to figuring it out. Just over the past year, my inner world […]